Advisory services for property owners

If you own an apartment and want to rent it out but do not know how, CASSANA can give you the comprehensive advice you need.

First, we are specialists in property rentals: we have been in the business for years and own more than 30 rental units ourselves. We know what you want and we can help.

Second, our staff includes attorneys and economists who can offer counselling on

1. finding and selecting the best tenant for your property;
2. formalizing a rental contract that best defends your interests as a property owner; and
3. managing the rental of your property and resolving all issues that may arise after you have signed a rental contract.

CASSANA can also advise you on payment guarantees, deposits, and insurance, so you can breath easy as a property owner.

If you would like us to manage the rental of your apartment and advise you on all related matters, click here.