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CASSANA, a business specialized in apartment and housing rentals, offers the following:

1. APARTMENT RENTALS: new and furnished apartments for rent in Valencia, Castellón, and Alicante;

2. SERVICES FOR PROPERTY OWNERS: we manage the rental of your housing before and after signing a rental agreement.

We have a tenant who does not pay the rent of the flat: what can we do? How must we act?


We have a tenant who does not pay the rent of the flat: what can we do? How must we act?.Unfortunately, this situation has been raised once in the life of almost all those owners who rent an apartment, office or commercial premises. All the business have his risks and in the business of the rent, one of the risks more evident is the non-payment of a quota of the revenue reminded in the contract. There are other risks, such as damage that often cause to the property, but the unpaid rent is more evident because the rent is normally charged every month and if a month is left to collect, jump alarms.


The young persons continue betting for the rent of floors, opposite to the call option of the housing

The young persons continue betting for the rent of floors. The trend of last years continues being consolidated: 41 % of the persons of between 18 and 30 that reside in Spain chooses to live in a floor of rent, opposite to other options, as the purchase of the housing. For years it comes appreciating this trend of consumption in Spain. The rent or lease of housings allows to the tenant of this floor to have more flexibility at the moment of changing residence, good is for personal motives or for professional motives. In addition, it saves many tax, notarial expenditures and they register that always he carries the purchase of a floor.

La Eliana nice house -Valencia-
Piscina - Alquiler piso Valencia La Eliana
Newly constructed house very beautiful, with garden and pool. High quality construction.
Rocafort 3 rooms -Valencia-
Cocina - Alquiler piso Valencia Rocafort
Beautiful apartment in center of Rocafort town, lots of light, close to Metro, air cond.
Alquiler piso Valencia - Chalet reformado 3 hab...
Fachada - Alquiler piso Valencia La Canyada
Alquiler piso Valencia. Chalet reformado nuevo a estrenar, con jardin, piscina y 2 terrazas. Cerca Metro.
New flat Faura -Valencia-
Fachada - Alquiler piso Valencia (Faura)
Newly constructed apartment in Faura (3 rooms). Parking included. 1 free month!