Pilar Barberá Domingo

I have recently been a customer of Real Estate Agency Cassana of Valencia with the reason for renting an apartment. I wish to thank the kindness, professionalism and readiness in all the actions of the members of such real estate agency. We have been very pleased. They have also clarified our doubts at the moment, been provided us contact with the owner of the property whenever wehave pointed out it, they have been formal in all aspects, and the treatment we have received has been excellent.
100% recommended.Regards, and thank you very much.

Enrique Salvador Pérez

When for work had to move to another province , Our house was closed .

Although the fixed costs associated with the mortgage , maintenance and taxes are high, for a long time we did not dare to put on rent.

First, the great distance makes it impossible to search for customers and subsequent management of the relationship with tenants. Secondly , we could not help but have a little afraid of the damage that could suffer housing and furniture

Thanks to Arnau Sena and his team of Cassana Real Estate, we have to clear these hurdles. Not just perform a careful selection of tenants, they also deal with all the arrangements for rent, if they hire their service rental management .

They are professional, effective , and excellent treatment


Jose Angel Guisado

I would like to congratulate your on your professionalism and great work in taking care of our rental. I have been renting for many years and I have never come across a more competitive and professional and yet flexible person as Arnau. Thanks.


Antonio Milla

I was in a Cassana flat for a year and a half and am extremely satisfied with the unbeatable attention that I received. Their apartments are modern and designed with welcoming, quality touch down to the furnishings. Cassana dealt with the administrative side of my contract with a high degree of professionalism that helped me greatly. I am certain that I will work with them again in the near future. Thanks guys!


Daniela Gallego

I highly recommend the management at Cassana to anyone looking for a place to live. I was fortunate to meet Arnau. Thanks to his ability to understand the needs of his clients, he found an ideal place for us, totally adjusted to our needs. His management was personal and professional. It was a pleasure to move in to a new home in which all the details, the cleaning, the orderliness, have been taken care of, and with a thoroughly friendly, respectful treatment. Working with Cassana is undeniably a good choice for tenants.


Rafael Real

Cassana earned my trust from the get-go and has not relented in the professionalism it has shown us. Despite the going hourly rate for renovations in Valencia, Cassana's work in preparing my apartment for rental was thorough and in my opinion, worth every cent. My property was in perfect condition when they showed it, the way I would want to see it if I were a tenant. We prefer to obtain less income, but guaranteed, and ensure that everyone is satisfied. Thank you Cassana for your excellent management of my rental property.


Grupo Segui

Segui Group would like to recommend Cassana for its professionalism, knowledge, and readiness to work. Our experience with the agency has been consistently pleasant. Cassana is an enthusiastic and trustworthy partner, and Arnau, who we have worked with most, is honest and reliable. The agency demonstrates initiative. We highly recommend them for any management of your real estate needs.


Empar Gil

I contacted Cassana when I decided to rent out my property. I was given very good references on their work and had no doubts about using their services. They vastly outdid my expectations. They are professional, friendly, and whenever I needed advice, they gave it to me immediately. I rented my apartment in a few days. I can count on them, their experience, and the advice they give me about trustworthy tenants. I have recommended them without any reservations to friends who also have properties to let. Cassana, I thank you.


Consuelo Martín

I have a little experience renting and can say the difference between rental agencies is considerable. Working with Cassana has been wonderful. Their professionalism, efficiency, and friendliness makes them pleasing to work with and quick to obtain results. I highly recommend their services.


Arantxa López

I would like to thank Cassana Property Rentals, above all for its speed, professionalism at every step, and ongoing advice on concerns I had in renting out my apartment. Many thanks.


Fernando Valles

We're from Guadalajara, Spain and enjoy spending our summers in Valencia. I was put in touch with Cassana through a friend and now Cassana finds us an apartment suitable for our needs every summer. They always treat us professionally and warmly. I couldn't imagine renting a place in Valencia without them anymore.


Patrimonial Dos Alas S.L.

We got to know Cassana a month ago and thanks to their professionalism and good practices they have rented out one of our properties. We look forward to renting out more properties through Cassana and having the company manage our properties comprehensively. Thanks for your help Cassana. See you at the next contract signing.


Araceli Martí Fuster

We have been tenants of a Cassana property for a year and a half now and can only say that they are a serious and professional business. We haven't had a single problem with them and have been highly satisfied with their service. Thanks for your help Cassana! We'll be looking out for you in the future.


Roberto García

Cassana, who I got to know through a friend, has been a delightful discovery for me. They worked hard with me to rent my apartment and were reliable throughout my dealings with them. They are extremely professional. We rented my place in three weeks and the tenants they suggested for me have turned out to be very trustworthy. But more than this, Cassana treats you warmly and friendly. Consistently I felt they managed my flat's rental as if it was their own. I am overjoyed with the service they offer.


Marta Navarro Garrote

I have rented the apartment I bought as a newlywed, which is now too small for my family, for six years now. I always rented directly to tenants and avoided rental agencies because I distrusted them and didn't feel their services were useful to me. But with Cassana I have changed my mind completely. They had my flat rented out in two weeks and were very discerning about the choice of tenants for it, which for me was extremely important. Cassana is a professional and trustworthy business.


María Lorente Fraguas

I am truly satisfied with the service I have received from Cassana, especially from Arnau. From the beginning the company has been professional and close at the same time. They offered suggestions and advice on the best ways forward for me, always bearing in mind my specific concerns as property owner. At the moment I live abroad and it's important I work with a serious company that knows how to communicate and that I can trust. The Cassana team is experienced and provides good service to its clients. They outdid my expectations of them by far. Thank you!


Jordi Saurí Munné

I would like to thank Cassana for the professional and human touch I have consistently received from them in renting one of their apartments. From the very start they were very serious about their work. Thank you kindly.


Olga Juhasz

Cassana brought me luck. After two years trying to relocate to another apartment, I met Arnau and found the perfect place. The company's service is professional and fast. You can trust them to be there for you forever. They offer a good product and know exactly what you want. And no one will mislead you. I recommend them highly.


Vidal Gil Tomás

Cassana managed a rental property for me in Valencia and I am very satisfied with them. They are serious, honest, and sincere, which I can't say for other similar businesses. They look for viable solutions and keep your best interests in mind. Cheers to them!


Fernando Rallo

I hired Cassana to process and manage a number of rental properties in Valencia and Castellón in 2007. It was a very good move. They're extraordinarily efficient in everyday work and constantly friendly. They're very professional and ethical in their management of all areas of the business, something rare today. I commend them for this and am thankful.


Ana Pastor Andrés

I've been living in an apartment managed by Cassana since September 2008 and have had a good experience from the start. Cassana gave me the keys to the apartment a few weeks before moving in so I could furnish it. When I signed the contract, Cassana was very transparent about its terms and clauses and helped me with all the paperwork I needed to request rental assistance from the government. Once when I had a problem, they resolved it for me immediately, and then followed through some time later. I receive a convenient, written receipt from them every month by email. Cassana makes things easy. Renting through them has many advantages. You can rely on their good practices. You get a legal rental contract, receipts, and other services. You also get personal treatment. Cassana is a smart choice for dealing with real estate. You can relax in a way you really can't with an independent landlord. My experience has been entirely positive.


Tania Marina Álvarez

I own an apartment in Valencia but live in the United States. When I decided to rent the apartment, it was important for me to find a business that was responsible, capable, and honest, because I don't know all the ins and outs of managing a rental property and can't travel to Valencia often. I asked for advice from friends in Valencia and they recommended Cassana. I decided to go with them. Cassana guided me through the process and gave me professional advice. They discussed the details of the rental market and all the options I had. They took care of legal matters and drew up a contract. The apartment was rented in less than a month. It's been more than a year now I've had the same initial tenant. Cassana knows the rental market inside out and offers administrative services and follow-up which have been essential to me. Whenever I've had a problem, they've been there to attend to my concerns immediately, and have always been friendly, fast, and efficient about it.


José Espinosa

We've been living in a rental apartment managed by Cassana in Alicante for two years and are extremely satisfied with the apartment, its furniture, and the communal space available in the larger building. We are happy with how Cassana owners and employees treat and attend to our needs. The company is serious, trustworthy, and offers good service. Cassana was a good choice! Cheers.


Yásser Harbi Mustafá Tomás

My experience with Cassana has been truly positive. They are serious about their work and go beyond the regular treatment you normally get. They advised me on the best ways to go about renting my apartment, what I needed, and the most reasonable price. They took care of all aspects of the contract. Their treatment was exceptional. I'm very pleased.